Why Choose VillaGIS Web GIS Services?

VillaGIS is leading the industry in high standard, low cost GIS Web solutions. Utilizing innovative new technology called HyperGIS, we are able to offer high performance GIS web presence at costs up to 50% less than that of our competitors.

What are the benefits of Web GIS?

The benefits of web based GIS applications for counties, municipalities and utility companies are numerous. The exciting news is that ALL your data can be built and housed entirly on the web, providing the highest level of data security. This is the most cost effective way to manage a GIS database. A few advantages include:

  • Quick and universal access to all GIS data from any computer with internet service, and a flash enabled browser.
  • Creates off-site public access to data which drastically reduces counter traffic.
  • Can be configured for web-subscription services which can be customized to allow different access levels for different entities such as real estate professionals, developers, banks, appraisers, and title companies. This feature provides an opportunity to recover the costs involved with implementation and hosting of Web GIS.
  • Provides real time updates and a reliable data back up source.